Best preschool, infant, toddler daycare in Woodland Hills

  • Happy Infants

    Happy Infant Care for your children in Woodland Hills

    You and your baby will love it here. Your baby will be held, cuddled, talked to & stimulated consistently by loving nurturing teachers trained in Early Childhood Development. They will help your infant develop early communication skills by using Baby Sign Language. You’ll receive daily written communication and are welcome to drop by or call anytime to chat with the teachers.

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  • Happy Toddlers

    Happy Toddlers in Woodland Hills Preschool and Infant Care

    Your Toddler  will feel comfortable and secure; loved and nurtured; happy and content. Your child will experience successes that encourage physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. As your child develops his/her own sense of self confidence he/she will begin to identify and understand his/her unique strengths and abilities as he/she transitions to preschool.

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  • Happy Preschoolers

    Preschoolers love learning in Woodland Hills at Halsey Schools educational day care center.

    Your preschooler will develop a love of learning while working & playing diligently in our Woodland Hills Preschool’s developmentally appropriate, interactive-hands-on Early Childhood Development Center. Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten and beyond with physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills developed through our self confidence building Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

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Your Child Will Love It Here & So Will You!

Preschool, Toddler & Infant Care Check List

  • When you visit Halsey Schools you and your child will feel comfortable and at home. You’ll feel confident and safe as you are greeted by each and every caring-qualified-smiling teacher.

      • You’ll see clean-bright-colorful classrooms full of happy children.
      • You’ll hear cheery music and children laughing, playing and learning at their own pace.
      • You’ll see age appropriate manipulatives and equipment.
      • You’ll smell the fresh clean air.
      • You’ll find happy hands-on learning activities on every table, every shelf, and in every corner.

    Outside you’ll see children enjoying the trees, tricycles, push toys, water play tables, play structures and more. You’ll see parents just like you: reading books, painting pictures, and playing outside with their children.

    Do you know what to look & listen for in a great school? Read this check list to find out.

    Author's imageJenni RiceDirector & Owner
  • My daily goal is to make every teacher, child and parent at Halsey Schools know they are special and appreciated. The teachers and I are here every day with a smile, advice and a sympathetic ear.  When you join our family, we’ll do everything we can to help you and your family learn, grow and be happy. Please give me a call or schedule an online appointment to see what I mean. I hope to meet with you soon. 🙂

    Author's imageJenni RiceDirector & Owner
    • Family Owned & Operated Since 1978
    • Extended Hours Monday-Friday 6:30-6:30, many scheduling options
    • Ages 6 Weeks – 6 Years Old
    • Diapers welcome: we help potty train & change diapers
    • Immunizations Required: 100% of children and teachers are immunized
    • Low Child/Teacher Ratios: Infants: 3-4 children per teacher, Toddlers: 4-6 children per teacher, Preschool: 10-12 children per teacher
    • Happy, Loving, Caring, Educated Teachers
    • Early Childhood Development Hands-On Curriculum: So much more than Daycare or Childcare
    • Interactive, socialized activities: Screen free environment
    • Nutritious Daily Snacks
    • Nutritious Hot Lunches or bring your own
    • Affordable Tuition Rates
    • Daily Written & Verbal Communication with parents
    • Many Parent Involvement Opportunities 

Families Like Yours Love Us! You Will Too!

 Halsey Schools is the best reviewed Woodland Hills Preschool & Infant Center

Heart, passion & love for our children

Feb 27, 2019 by Amanda Sigwing

Your staff is incredibly patient and am always inspired by their understanding of the children even if we as parents would be frustrated with the situation. When I try to describe Halsey I tell people that you run your center like a well oiled business with constant improvements, but you truly have a heart and passion love for our children. Without you our family couldn't operate (I say this as I get choked up). I certainly couldn't comfortably part with the littles each morning without each of you. So thankful for the solutions/suggestions you provide along the way as well and for making yourselves available. Thank you for each and every constant investment you make in our children's lives and in your people and facilities. One thankful mama, amanda...
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Halsey Schools 818-992-1942 - 21321 Costanso Street Woodland Hills CA, 91364 USA 5.0 5.0 64 64 Your staff is incredibly patient and am always inspired by their understanding of the children even if we as parents would be frustrated with the situation. When I try to describe

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