Basic Spanish Words for Preschoolers

It's easy for children under the age of six to learn multiple languages

Since preschoolers develop language skills naturally, it is a great time to expose them to multiple languages.  In-fact, it is actually easier for children under the age of six to understand and even master multiple languages than it is for older children and adults. Incorporating these basic Spanish words into your daily routine with your children will help foster their innate multilingual abilities and supplement our learning at school.


Basic Spanish Language Words

English Spanish Pronunciation
hello hola OH-lah
goodbye adiós ah-theeOHS
good morning buenos días BWAY-nohs DEE-ahs
good night buenas noches BWAY-nohs NOH-chase
friends amigos ah-MEE-gohs
yes see
no no noh
please por favor PORE fah-BORE
thank you gracias GRAH-seeahs
you’re welcome de nada DAY-nah-thah
I’m sorry lo siento LOW SEEAIN-toh
excuse me perdón PAIR-dohn
very good muy bien MWEE beeAIN


Spanish Colors

English Spanish Pronunciation
color color koh-LURE
red rojo RROW-hoh
yellow amarillo ah-mah-RREE-yoh
blue azul ah-SOOL
orange anaranjado ah-nah-rahn-HAH-doh
green verde BEAR-day
purple morado moh-RAH-doh
white blanco BLAHN-koh
black negro NAY-grow
brown café kah-FAY
pink rosado rroh-SAH-doh


Spanish Numbers

English Spanish Pronunciation
numbers números NEW-may-rohs
one uno OOH-noh
two dos DOHS
three tres TRACE
four cuatro KWAH-troh
five cinco SEEN-koh
six seis SAYees
seven siete SeeA-tay
eight ocho OH-choh
nine nueve NWAY-bay
ten diez DeeACE


Spanish Family Members

English Spanish Pronunciation
mother madre MAH-dray
father padre PAH-dray
sister hermana air-MAH-nah
brother hermano air-MAH-noh
daughter hija EE-hah
son hijo EE-hoh
grandmother abuela ah-BWAY-lah
grandfather abuelo ah-BWAY-loh
aunt tía TEE-ah
uncle tío TEE-oh
house casa KAH-sah


Spanish Body Words

English Spanish Pronunciation
body cuerpo KWAIR-poh
head cabeza kah-BAY-sah
eyes ojos OH-hohs
mouth boca BOH-kah
nose nariz nah-REES
ears orejas oh-RAY-hahs
arms brazos BRAH-sohs
hands manos MAH-nohs
legs piernas peeAIR-nahs
feet pies peeACE
shoulders hombros OHM-brohs
teeth dientes deeAIN-tace


Animals in Spanish

English Spanish Pronunciation
animals animales ah-nee-MALL-ace
cat gato GAH-toh
dog perro PAY-roh
bird pájaro PAH-hah-roh
duck pato PAH-toh
goose ganso GAHN-soh
horse caballo kah-BUY-yoh
cow vaca BAH-kah
pig puerco PWEAR-koh
hen gallina guy-YEE-nah
rabbit conejo koh-NAY-hoh

Recommended Spanish Books & Teaching Aids

At Halsey Schools we incorporate Spanish everyday from Spanish books, flash cards and games to everyday use with everyday words and daily circle time.

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