Characteristics & Abilities

  • 9-12 month olds can babble, pull up, tear

    Can your 9-12 month old baby do this?

    Can your nine to twelve month old do this? Understand familiar words Pull up to stand but not get down Explore what is in a container Drop things into a small opening or container Wave bye-bye Crawl, scoot, creep, or move well from one place to another Crawl around and over things Crawl while holding […]

  • Three year old children are silly, imaginative, inquisitive, spontaneous and

    Does this sound like your three year old?

    Preschool children at three years old usually are more sociable and willing to conform than younger children have great interest and curiosity in people and things slow down a bit physically compared to at two develop much more complex motor abilities have increased interest in dramatic play and imitation of others listen to verbal suggestions have increased […]

  • Four year old preschooler characteristics

    Does this sound like your four year old?

    A typical four year old preschool child usually Goes “out of bounds” easily in almost every direction – both with mind and muscles Has high Motor drive; likes rough and tumble play Is a great talker, exaggerates, boasts and is bossy Likes old, new and different words, silly language, including profanity Calls other children names […]

  • Newborn to 5 month old baby characteristics

    Can your newborn to 5 month old baby do this?

    Can your newborn to five month old do this? Feel, taste, smell, and hear Move arms and legs in play Cry when in need of something Enjoy being held and spoken to See things 8”-12” away Begin to turn head Make eye contact Look at clear simple pictures or designs Grasp a small thing briefly […]

  • two year olds love to run, jump

    Does this sound like your two year old?

    Typical two year old preschooler characteristics Active! On the go Possessive – “MINE!” Great curiosity with no judgment Becoming aware of himself as an individual Likes to do things for himself/herself Can be negative at times. Grabs and socks Cannot share Snatches things Bites sometimes Still prefers solitary play to parallel play and seldom plays […]

  • Between 12-18 months your child should use simply words and

    Can your 12 month to 18 month old baby do this?

    Can your twelve month to eighteen month old baby do this? move around the room copy a few simple sounds or actions use some gestures, such as waving understand a few words play simple pretend games put something in and take it out of a container move to music use one-word sentences play simple musical instruments […]

  • At 18 to 24 months old your toddler should be able to

    Can your 18-24 month old toddler do this?

    Can your eighteen month to two year old toddler do this? throw a ball try to walk up or down steps show many emotions enjoy nursery rhymes, songs, and finger plays chew foods well zip and unzip easy zippers copy housework point to up to five body parts feel frustrated easily use play dough, paint, […]

  • Babble, situp and other things your baby should do at 5-9 months

    Can your 5-9 month old baby do this?

    Can your five to nine month old do this? look for things dropped uncover hidden things drop things on purpose hold a bottle* play with paper play with things by banging them together sit in a highchair change something from one hand to the other eat some solid foods reach out with one hand to pick […]