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  • Fun with pine cones

    Exploring Pine Cones

    What you will need: Pine Cones Start the fun with a hike, walk in the park or walk around the block. You can find pine cones just about anywhere. Even in sunny Woodland Hills. Bring a bag or container to hold your findings. Wear gloves if desired. How many pine cones can you find? What […]

  • Learning with Lemons

    Lemon Learning

    Social Studies: Where do lemons come from? Ask your child Where do lemons come from? and discuss. It’s always fun to hear things from their perspective. Here are some interesting lemon facts: California and Arizona farms produce 95% of the entire U.S. lemon crop. Lemon trees bloom and produce fruit year-round. Each tree can produce between 500 […]

  • Learning activities with Mud

    Mud is fun!

    Mommy can I play in the mud? ABSOLUTELY!! Here’s how you can have fun in the mud All you need is… mud You remember how to make it don’t you? If it has recently rained you’ll find it right outside. If it is going to rain you can: Expose a section of dirt in your […]

  • How to make cocoa hot chocolate play dough

    How To Make Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Play Dough

    It smells so yummy that I want to eat it all up! | It is like playing with candy! | The whole room smells like chocolate! | It smells like a chocolate factory! How to make homemade cocoa play dough What you need: 2 cups flour 1/2 cup cocoa powder 2 cups warm water 1 […]

  • Exploring pumpkins with your preschoolers

    Exploring Pumpkins

    Let’s get started What you will need: pumpkins, an inquisitive child and various household items What you won’t need: Cell phones, TVs, Computers… What you’ll do: Explore pumpkins 1. Start the fun with a family field trip to the pumpkin patch or store How many pumpkins do you see? How many should we get? What […]

  • Don’t throw away those plastic eggs!

    Plastic eggs aren’t just for candy and treats. We can teach with them too. You’ll need magic markers plastic eggs Opposites Write one opposite on one side of an egg and one on the other. Repeat. Break apart all the eggs then have the children match the opposites. Write several opposites on one side of each […]

  • Learning with Hearts

    Learning with hearts

    Our Hearts: Is the heart shape we see at valentine’s day what our heart really looks like? Search for heart images on the internet. Our heart is a large muscle. What does it do for us? What happens to our heart when we run around? Our heart is filled with love for our family and friends. […]

  • Leaves can teach math and

    Exploring Leaves

    Let’s get started What you will need: leaves, an inquisitive child and various household items What you won’t need: Cell phones, TVs, Computers… What you’ll do: Explore leaves 1. Start the fun with a nature walk & hunt for leaves Bring a container to collect the leaves. Walk at around the block, around a park […]

  • Turn off the screen and play with your children

    Playing with Mommy is more fun than an iPad

    It’s true that most children watch too much TV. But did you know, if given a choice between watching TV or playing with Mommy and Daddy virtually all children would prefer playing with their parents? So it is up to us to give them what they want and what we know is better for them. So dig down deep inside and let your inner preschooler come out! It’s time for some hands-on fun!

  • Basic Spanish Words for preschooler

    Basic Spanish Words for Preschoolers

    Since preschoolers develop language skills naturally, it is a great time to expose them to multiple languages.  In-fact, it is actually easier for children under the age of six to understand and even master multiple languages than it is for older children and adults. Incorporating these basic Spanish words into your daily routine with your […]

  • Goop is fun to make

    How to make Goop with your child

    Directions for making GOOP & Oobleck You Will Need: 1 Bowl 1 Spoon Food coloring of any color 1 cup of Cornstarch 1/3 cup of Water 1 cup measuring cup 1/3 cup measuring cup 1 zip lock bag Directions: Measure 1 cup of Corn Starch loosely (don’t pack down) and pour it into your bowl Measure […]