Policies & Plans

  • All children must be immunized to attend Halsey Schools

    Illness Policy – Wash, Sanitize, Disinfect. Stay home if ill.

    Children become ill by catching viruses Your child becomes ill by catching viruses, (a.k.a. Germs, bacteria): from other children at school, from you (after getting something from work or elsewhere), from neighbors, from brothers and sisters, etc. Viruses are transferred: by touching others, breathing airborne viruses, touching items with viruses on them etc. Colds are not […]

  • Follow these steps for a happy easy potty training experiene

    Easy Potty Training? Follow these simple steps

    Potty Training is easy when you follow these steps Determine if your child is ready to use the potty on his or her own If your child has most of these skills, your child will soon be completing another milestone at school and at home; using the potty! Children are usually ready around 2 years […]

  • Mommy wins over screens everytime

    Parent Handbook

    Printable Version Parent Handbook and tuition rates with frequently asked questions, FAQs, dates closed, parent involvement events, what to wear, bring and do. Printable Version  

  • Children learn by doing

    Our Teaching Approach & Philosophy

    Our core philosophies Children learn and develop by doing Children learn best through interactive hands-on activities in a structured yet flexible environment. Play is an important part of learning. Passive screen activities (TV, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones…) should be almost non-existent in preschool. A mix of open ended, structured and free-play activities help children develop […]

  • Disaster & emergency preparedness for preschools

    Emergency Plan – Prepare, Plan & Practice

    Teachers Trained and Prepared for Emergency Prevention, Preparation and Reaction All teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified and have been trained in emergency and disaster preparedness as well as illness and disease prevention and control.  We provide a wide range of in-service training seminars, at least monthly, to keep certifications and training up to date […]

  • Biting is not o.k.

    Biting Policy – Helping children use their words.

    Biting is instinctive – not learned Biting is a behavior that is very disturbing to all concerned. It frightens the child who is bitten and alarms his parents. It also worries the parents of the child who bites and often scares the biter as well. Children Bite for different reasons Children bite for different reasons. […]

  • time-outs do they work?

    Discipline Policy Our Positive & Proactive Approach

    Discipline is not a punishment Discipline is about learning how to recognize our desires and feelings and act on them appropriately within the boundaries or limits of society and our surroundings. At Halsey Schools we use a positive and proactive approach to discipline. We provide safe age appropriate environments for your child. We lead by example. Preschoolers […]

  • All children must be immunized to attend Halsey Schools

    Immunization Policy

    All Children and Teachers are required to be immunized Immunization is one of the best ways parents in Woodland Hills and around the world can protect their infants from 14 serious childhood diseases before age two. Make sure your child  is up to date on immunizations with this schedule; 0-6yrs-immunizaton-schedule-infants-preschool (provided by CDC). Learn more about immunizations here.

  • control bugs naturally

    Annual Pesticide Notice

    Healthy Schools Act Notice Site Designee: Jennifer Rice General Information about pesticide: www.cdpr.ca.gov Plan of use: We do not plan/expect to use any pesticides for pest management under the Healthy Schools Act. We disinfect throughout the day using safer alternatives to bleach and other chemicals: Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant, Oxivir Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant, Lysol Disinfectant […]