Tips & Tools for Parents

  • Hands on is better than screens

    Does your preschooler need an iPad?

    iPads, iPods, TVs, Tablets, Computers… If preschoolers aren’t using these technologies now, they’ll never catch up. Right? Think again. Preschoolers don’t need any of these things. What they do need is interaction with other children and adults. They need to play and explore. They need to be read to, sung to, talked to. They need […]

  • Don't say your are ok

    It’s Not Okay to Say “You’re O.K.”

    Why it’s not okay to say “You’re O.K.” Would you ever say “You’re Okay” to a sad friend? An injured parent? An angry spouse? You’re sick dog? Probably not, but many parents and even teachers often say “You’re O.K.” as soon as a child cries, falls, or gets feelings hurt by a friend or sibling. […]

  • Happy Times September 2019

    It’s Back to School Time! Themes & Stories for September Events Closed – Labor Day 9/2: We are going to rest. It takes a lot to get our classrooms all ready for the new year. 🙂  Happy Labor Day! Back To School Tuesday 9/3 : Our official start of the new school year. Grandparents’ Week […]

  • Feedback loops encourage learning

    Feedback Loops

    How to use Feedback Loops Simply engage your child by asking questions about what she is doing or by following up on comments your child makes. To make it a loop you want to keep the conversation going. Engage your child by asking questions Just ask questions about what he is doing. You’re painting with […]

  • Verbal cues help your child develop

    Verbal Cues You Should Use to Help Your Child Develop

    Use words with experiences Infants Infants love to grasp, hold, reach, throw, drop and put everything in their mouth. You can help your baby develop with simple household items and toys; plastic bowls, wooden spoons, containers of various shapes and sizes, blocks, stuffed animals etc. Gather only safe items by making sure they are not […]

  • Immunizations Required No Exceptions

    Immunizations Required. No Exceptions.

    With the recent outbreak of measles in the news again, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about our immunization policy. Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It can result in serious health complications, such as pneumonia and encephalitis (swelling of the brain), and even cause death. However, immunizations protect us […]

  • What Shall We Give The Children

    What Shall We Give The Children?

      What Shall We Give The Children? The Holidays are almost here. Toys and games and playthings, As we do every year? Yes, for the magic of toyland Is part of the Holiday lore To gladden the heart of childhood, But I will give something more. I will give them patience, A more sympathetic ear, […]

  • Preventing Cavities

    It’s Easy to Prevent Cavities

    It’s Easy to Prevent Cavities. Here’s how. Did you know tooth decay affects children in the United States more than any other chronic infectious disease? If left untreated tooth decay causes pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. The good news is that tooth decay and other oral […]

  • How is your child developing?

    Ages & Stages of Child Development

    Ages & Stages of Child Development Should my son start sitting up soon? When should he drink from a cup? Start scribbling? Babbling? We all want to know our children are on the right track. At Halsey Schools we will let you know how your child is doing everyday. We will also complete formal detailed […]

  • How to teach Sequencing

    How To Teach Sequencing

    How To Teach Your Child Sequencing Introduce & use sequencing words often Engage your child in language and discussion about their daily activities to help them understand sequencing using the basic sequencing vocabulary: First, second, third…, in front of, behind, before, after, next, first, then, last, beginning, middle, end, began, concluded, and finally.  Focus on […]

  • Safety tips for water play swiming

    Water Safety Tips

    How to prevent drowning and keep your child safe around water NEVER leave your child in or near any water unattended. Keep constant VISUAL supervision in all water within arms reach of your child at all times. At a party? Be certain only qualified and undistracted adults are entrusted with supervising children in water. Never assume […]

  • I’m counting 1,2,3! Do you want a time out!

    Some often used discipline techniques just don’t work. How to fix discipline techniques that don’t work I’m counting 1, 2, 3 – We are leaving… I’m counting… What you are really saying: Don’t listen to me until I get to the last number. Why it doesn’t work: Children learn that it just means they have extra […]