Tips & Tools for Parents

  • Setting goals with your preschooler

    Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

    With our encouragement and support children can achieve a lot. At birth children have a built-in set of goals; scoot, crawl, roll over, hold self up, walk… It is important to help your child learn to identify goals and work towards achieving them. Working towards goals will help your child understand there are rewards and […]

  • Teach your preschooler to be a giver

    Is your preschooler a giver?

    Mine! Mine! Mine! It’s not easy for preschoolers to share. But sharing and giving can help build your child’s sense of self-esteem and pride. It’s a vital life skill that encourages thinking about others and putting their needs or feelings above our own. Fortunately, giving and sharing comes with a built in reward system; It […]

  • Fun things to do in Woodland Hills For Christmas Hanukah holiday cheer

    Holiday Family Field Trips in Woodland Hills

    The holidays can be a wonderful time of joy, wonder and excitement. Here are some Woodland Hills family field trips your infants, toddlers and preschoolers will love! Candy Cane Lane Holiday Lights in Woodland Hills I’ve been going to Candy Cane Lane since I was an infant. The lights, the sights, the sounds and the […]

  • Parachute play is fun at Halsey Schools !

    Parachute Play – Try it at home

    We love parachute play at school. Try it at home too! Parachute Play Encourages cooperation, team work & socialization Strengthens upper torso Is non-competitive & fun Refines perceptual skills Reinforces taking turns Encourages sharing Develops a sense of rhythm Helps children learn to follow directions Promotes social interaction Enhances language development & communication Try these parachute […]

  • 6 kinds of open ended questions you should ask your preschooler

    6 kinds of open ended questions you should ask your preschooler

    What’s an open-ended question? Listening to your child’s answers is even more important than asking the open-ended questions Wait 5-10 seconds for your child to think and formulate responses. Allow your child to fully answer the question without interruption. Show that you are interested your child’s answers. Keep the conversation going until your child gives you clues to move […]

  • How to feed your 12-24 month old toddler

    Feeding Your 12-24 Months old Toddler

    Follow these general guidelines for feeding your healthy toddler. If you have any questions, please let us or your child’s physician know. Limit high sugar and high fat foods, offer variety Your toddler needs to eat a variety of foods every day but make sure you limit high sugar and high fat foods so your toddler has […]

  • Open ended questions in preschool encourage language development

    Open-Ended Questions; we use them everyday, so should you.

    What’s an open ended question? Open‐ended questions open up conversations When you ask an open‐ended question, you don’t know what your child’s answer is going to be. Close‐ended questions usually limit conversation to a one or two word response, and sometimes they end the conversation. Examples: Close‐ended question: “What color is this?” Open‐ended question: “You used […]

  • Preschool classrooms should be full of talking

    It’s so LOUD in there! Quality preschool classrooms are noisy.

    Why is it so LOUD!? If you’re used to working in a quiet office space or other environment you may find the constant chatter that goes on in our classrooms loud and maybe even annoying. We don’t; We LOVE it! Quality classrooms are loud & full of energy Children need to talk & ask questions. […]

  • Follow these steps for a happy easy potty training experiene

    Easy Potty Training? Follow these simple steps

    Potty Training is easy when you follow these steps Determine if your child is ready to use the potty on his or her own If your child has most of these skills, your child will soon be completing another milestone at school and at home; using the potty! Children are usually ready around 2 years […]

  • playgounds can burn children

    Hot playgrounds can BURN!

    Protect your child from playground burns Always be aware of the sun and weather conditions, and do not assume that the equipment is safe because the air temperature is not very high. Always check the temperature of the equipment and surfacing before letting your children play on the playground. Remember, a young child’s skin will […]