Connor Attended 1996-1999

Connor Attended 1996-1999

My name is Connor Lasken and I attended Halsey School’s for pre-school. I graduated at the top of my class at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, and am currently a freshman at the University of Oregon majoring in Planning, Public Policy, and Management.

Some of my first memories revolve around the big pumpkin in the playground and the great field trips we always took as a class. I entered kindergarten reading at a 2nd grade level all thanks to the strong foundation that was set at Halsey. I remember being scared and apprehensive in my first weeks of schooling but I quickly became comfortable due to the caring staff at Halsey who truly wanted to see me succeed and set me on a path for success even at a very young age. I recommend Halsey in the highest regard, it has undoubtedly propelled me to be the person I am inside and outside of the classroom. It is a fantastic place to learn, grow, and start one’s path to success.

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