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Very friendly & attentive

Oct 03, 2017 by Ashley Nishino

Ms. Jennifer has been so flexible in allowing my daughter to visit 4 times before her first day to help with the transition. All the teachers in the classroom have been very friendly and attentive. My parents have also expressed that they have enjoyed visiting the school.

Teachers are super nurturing!

Sep 26, 2017 by Ali Stricklin

Ella is so happy to be there everyday. She is excelling with the set structure and her teachers are super nurturing. It's hard as a parent to leave your toddler with someone else day in and day out but Halsey has made this as good as it can be!

5 Stars for sure!

Aug 16, 2017 by Teresa Herrera

My daughter is very happy and seems to be learning a lot in just under two weeks.

We are so grateful!

Jul 01, 2017 by Diana C.

It's officially been a month since I transferred my son (34 mos) from a Montessori type preschool to Halsey. The previous preschool had me convinced that there was something wrong with him, I even had him tested twice Bc the teacher was convinced that he had some diagnosis (autism or ADHD). Finally the last straw was when we saw he was withdrawing and not happy anymore. We transferred him to Halsey and I could cry to see the change in my son. He has friends now, and they moved him up to the next level for social development. He has not had any biting pushing etc.. episodes and they even were instrumental in potty training (previous school said he was not ready). He even misses school when he missed for sick or vacation. My husband and I are so grateful for the owner and director who both communicate with me daily and keep a close eye on him. Anyone out there who is worried about leaving their little one at a preschool know that this school is very nurturing and will help mold them into being good people

I highly recommend!

May 09, 2017 by Dorna M

My 3 year old daughter has been going to Halsey Schools for the past 2.5 years and my son just started at infant center. We love this school! All the teachers are absolutely fun, professional, so loving and kind. They are constantly doing some activity painting, reading, singing, playing and always a show or event is going on. My daughter also loves the dance class in the enrichment program.
The director is on top of everything. They have always worked with my schedule and have ensured that I am comfortable with my children's care here. I truly trust the staff at Halsey and highly recommend this school.

Excellent, caring, WONDERFUL!

Feb 01, 2017 by Natasha

The teachers are excellent, caring and wonderful! Mia loves coming to school and we are thrilled that she comes home messy and dirty as we know it was a great day of exploration for her.

Great Experience for my kids!

Oct 11, 2016 by Andrea M.

Both our kids started in the infant center and graduated from the preschool. Every stage of the school was a great experience for my kids...fun celebrations, field trips, learning experiences and making life-long friends. They were more than prepared to enter kindergarten. The teachers and staff are amazing women! They loved my children as they would their own. I cried when my youngest recently graduated from Halsey Schools...I'm going to miss everything about it. It takes a village to help raise a child...our village was Halsey Schools!

Response: We cried too. We love you all and look forward to you visiting us soon. 🙂

We have absolutely loved having our daughter at Halsey schools!

Jun 27, 2016 by Chrissy

We have absolutely loved having our daughter at Halsey schools! All of the teachers are super friendly and helpful. They honestly care about all of the kids at the school and are always looking for ways to help. All of the teachers were extremely helpful and willing to give any advice to make the experience better not only for my daughter, but also for myself and my husband. I always felt like I could ask any question, no matter how dumb 🙂 and get an honest and helpful response. We are extremely sad to leave and wish they would open a new location near our new home. 😀

We LOVE Halsey!

May 30, 2016 by Janessa

We LOVE Halsey! Thank you for all that you do. It is wonderful being able to see a business owner that cares so much for the children at the school.

I couldn't imagine a better school for my son!

May 11, 2016 by Jennifer Dishon

I couldn't imagine a better school for my son! He's been at Halsey since he was 6 months old, and is now in the Toddler Center. He's always happy to arrive, and sad to leave. He loves to come home and show off what he's learned; most recently he was able to point to his nose, eyes, ears, cheeks, mouth, head, and belly! He also enjoys singing and dancing to the songs he hears at school, and will touch his fingers together when he wants me to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider," or roll his arms when he wants to hear "Wheels on the Bus." Halsey has been such a great experience for him and our family.

Response: Thank you! We love singing and we love having you here!

Halsey Schools 818-992-1942 - 21321 Costanso Street Woodland Hills CA, 91364 USA 5.0 5.0 58 58 Ms. Jennifer has been so flexible in allowing my daughter to visit 4 times before her first day to help with the transition. All the teachers in the classroom have been very friend