Happy Times December 2014

Join us for a celebration of our traditions, cultural diversity & heritage

Weekly Themes & Stories for December

Why do some animals hibernate? What does hibernate mean? Do bears snore? Porcupines are prickly but why? Do frogs hibernate? How do they catch their food? Why do chipmunks and squirrels store things in their cheeks? What does the fox say? If you don’t know the answers, join us this month while we learn all about these animals.

We will be reading these books:

Animals That Hibernate (Watts Library) Did You Know? Animals That Hibernate In Winter Hibernation Station Hibernation (Patterns in Nature) Animals in Winter (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science)

You can read them at home too. Please remember to read with your children every night. Click the book to learn more & buy from Amazon.

Visit our Book Store for all the books we will be reading this year.


Parent Conferences 12/1-5:  Last month we completed your child’s assessments. If you would like to discuss them or anything else in private, please see sign-up sheet in the office for available conference times or call 818-992-1942 to schedule.

December is all about cultural diversity & sharing family traditions: We encourage each of you as families to join us in our holiday celebrations. You can come to our planned events or drop by anytime with a cultural treat, game… You can read us an interesting story, sing us a song, show us a dance, play an instrument… Just about anything will do. Sign-up here or arrange with Jenni, Jennifer or your child’s teachers.

Field Trip 12/04, 9:30 – 1:00: Chuck E Cheese’s | Lunch on trip. | 22940 Van Owen St. West Hills, CA., 91307 (818) 713-9794 . | Please sign up here. | Field trips are available for Busy Bees, Dragonflies, Penguins .  If your child is in the Panda class, he/she may attend the trip if you or another designated adult join us.   Parents are always welcome to attend and space is limited. So let us know if you want to join us right away. Sign up Field Trips here.

Stardreams Recital 12/9, 10:15:  If your child is in Stardreams or you are interested in seeing what they do in class, come check out the recital in the Busy Bees classroom.

Staff Development Training 12/11 – 12/12: Aspergers Syndrome: An Introduction for Educators. | Every month our staff learns something new, takes a look at something old from a new perspective, reinforces and reinvigorates previous education and training, or just have some hands of fun through our regular training programs. Learn more about our happy teachers here.

Visitor 12/16: Reptile & Amphibian Show! 10:00 at the Preschool. | Would you like to be a visitor? Signup here, call us or talk to us.

Holiday Class Parties 12/18: We will celebrate our holidays and cultures with class party treats and games. Please see sign ups in your child’s classroom for what to bring.

Holiday Social 12/19, Infants – 9:30, Tiny Tots – 10:00, Toddlers – 10:30 & Preschool – 11:00:  Please join us for some holiday cheer; songs, treats…

Piano Recital 12/19, 12:30: If your child is in Piano Class or you are interested in seeing what they do in class come check out the recital in the Dragonfly classroom right after the Holiday Social.

School Closed 12/24, 25, 26, 31 and 1/1 & 2: We’ll be closed but we’ll be  thinking about you!  We hope you have a very Happy Holiday time with your family and friends. Happy New Year!  What are your Holiday Plans?


Do you need care for older siblings during winter break?  We are open 6:30-6:30 12/22, 12/23, 12/29 & 12/30 LAUSD is closed 12/22-1-9. If you need care for kindergartner or if your older children would like to help out in the classroom, please contact Jenni at [email protected] or 818-992-1942 to arrange. Tuition rates are  $105 for 12/22 & 23, $105 for 12/29 & 12/30 and $270 for 1/5-9. Hope to see you soon.

Holiday Plans:  At Halsey Schools we understand the importance of family togetherness. As a result, whenever possible we like to give our teachers special time to spend with their families. The Holiday Season provides an excellent opportunity to do so.  In order to plan for this, we need your help. Please complete What are your Holiday Plans?

Winter Change of Clothes: Please make sure your child has at least one complete set of extra winter clothes & shoes.  Don’t forget to label everything.

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