Happy Times September 2016

It’s Back to School Time!

Our first day back to school is Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Our theme for the year will be Dr. Seuss. Every week we will read and plan activities around a different Dr. Seuss book. It’s going to be silly, fun and educational!

Weekly Themes & Stories for September

We will be reading these books:

You can read them at home too. Please remember to read with your children every night. Click the book to learn more & buy from Amazon.

Ten Apples Up On Top! My Book About Me I Can Draw It Myself, By Me, Myself (Classic Seuss) The Shape of Me and Other Stuff (Bright & Early Books)

Visit our Book Store for all the books we will be reading this year.


Closed – Labor Day 9/5: We are going to rest. You should too! Happy Labor Day!

Bring it 9/6: Bring in any color apple

Grandparent’s Week 9/6-9: Come hang out with us! It’s fun! Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, Nana, Pops, Gramps, Grammy… It’s your week to stop by and read a book, tell us a story, play your guitar, whatever you’d like to do. Please give us a call or have Mommy or Daddy schedule a good time for you to visit the class.

Grandparent’s Cookie Party 9/9:  Grandparents please join us: 9:30 – Infant Center, 10:00 – Tiny Tots, 10:30 – Toddler Center, 11:00 – Preschool. We hope you have a great Grandparent’s day on Sunday.

Wear it 9/13: Wear your favorite shirt

Share Day Every Friday: Children are encouraged to bring in a ball, a toy, a picture, or something else safe and interesting to share. Electronics with screens like ipads, ipods, phones, tablets, tvs etc should stay at home. Any weapons like toy guns, water guns, anything that shoots or bangs needs to stay home too. | Remember anything can get lost or broken. Label everything and if anyone is worried about something breaking or disappearing, please leave it at home. | Books can be brought in to share any day of the week. Bring it 9/19: Bring in your favorite story to share – all week

Staff Development Training 9/13 & 9/14: Be more specific than you’re terrific –  Using specific praise and recognition. | Do You Know How I Feel? Empathy and the Young Child | Every month our staff learns something new, takes a look at something old from a new perspective, reinforces and reinvigorates previous education and training, or just has some hands-on fun through our regular training programs. Learn more about our happy teachers here.

Field Trip 9/15 9:30-12:00 Ultimate Kids Zone: Lunch @ school | 20315 Nordhoff St. Chatsworth | 310-347-7747 | Field trips are available for Busy Bees, Dragonflies, Penguins.  All children must wear their Halsey Shirt on all field trips. If your child is in the Panda class, he/she may attend the trip if you or your spouse or other loved one join us. Parents are always welcome to attend and space is limited. So let us know if you want to join us right away. Sign up Field Trips here.

Bring it 9/19: Bring in your favorite story to share – all week

Bubble Show 9/29: Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles, big, small, tiny, huge… Some are round. Some are square. We are going to see them everywhere!

Surprise Parent Readers Anytime:  How would you like to be a surprise reader for our story times? You can schedule at your usual drop off time, pickup time or anytime in between. Don’t forget it’s a surprise, so don’t let the children in on the secret. You can come in dressed up as a character from the story or just come as you are. It’s up to you. The sky is the limit.  Signup here.

Parent Visitors: As always you are welcome to visit at anytime and volunteer to tell us what you are now that you’ve grown up. We can work around your schedule to make it happen.  Sign-up here or just let us know.


Each class has their own web page with Curriculum information, schedules, calendar of events and themes, Teacher features, etc.

Infant Center | Tiny Tots | Toddler Center/Teddy Bears | Pandas | Penguins | Dragonflies | Busy Bees

Preschool Classroom Improvements:
We are changing up Halsey Schools classesclass locations a bit to be more age appropriate and provide better teacher interaction with your children.  Pandas will move to room 4 with Ms. Erika & Ms. Crystal. Penguins will move to room 2 with Ms. Pre & Ms. Vanessa M. Dragonflies will move to room 3 with Ms. Jeri. The Busy Bees will remain in room 1 with Ms. Darrah. Ms. Raquel will continue to help out where needed. And as always your children interact daily with all the teachers. You’re going to love these improvements! It is going to be a GREAT year!  🙂

Materials & Supplies Fee: The annual $199 materials and supplies fee will be posted on your September statement on August 20th.  If you reserved your child’s space in February/March with the Materials and Supplies fee, or if your child started this August or September, this fee will be waived. (The fee is separate from the registration fee).  As indicated in the fee’s name, the funds that are generated are used to help purchase new materials and supplies for the children throughout the year.

Facebook: Check out our facebook page for a list of events and tons of pictures updated regularly.

Parent Handbook: Your updated parent handbook is here.

Illness Policy:  We follow this written Illness Policy and make every effort to assure your child contracts as few illnesses as possible.  However, most children and adults will contract at least one illness between now and April. Remember to wash your child’s hands everyday before leaving school or any other social event.

Healthy Schools Act Notice:  We do not plan/expect to use any pesticides for pest management under the Healthy Schools Act. We disinfect throughout the day using safer alternatives to bleach and other chemicals: Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant, Oxivir Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant, Lysol Disinfectant Spray & Pine Sol.  Training: All teachers trained in Basic Pest Management in the School & Child Care Settings.  Read about our Integrated Pest Management System here.  General Information about pesticide: www.cdpr.ca.gov

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Sign-up for Online Statement Notification: Your statements are available online anytime. You’ll need your Tuition Express ID Number from Jenni & Jennifer and the last four numbers of your bank/cc account to register. Once registered you select your own user name and password and you’re done. You can even sign-up for automatic notification when transactions are posted. Find the link under the Tuition & Faqs menu.



Emergency only:

Pesticide Notice

Sign-up for Pesticide Use Notification IF we use pesticides required to be registered with the EPA. We do not plan to and have not used any in the past. We use Lysol daily to disinfect. Read about our Integrated Pest Management System here.

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