Happy Times – Teddy Bears

Our toddlers love exploring, learning & playing up to 2.2 years old



Time Activity
6:30 Arrival, Breakfast, Open Play In Centers
8:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands
8:45 Clean Up Time and Circle Time
9:30 Hand Washing and Snack Time
10:00 Outdoor Play & Motor Skills
10:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Open Play In Centers
10:45 Arts & Crafts and Outside Activities
11:15 Clean Up Time, Wash Hands
11:30 Lunch Time
12:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Nap/Rest Time
3:00 Diaper Change, Circle Time, Wash Hands, Snack Time
4:00 Outdoor Play, Art and/or Group Activities and Free Play
5:00 Diaper Changes, Wash Hands, and Snack Time
5:30 Self-Expressive Art, Center Play, Outdoor Play
6:30 Good Bye.


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What’s different at the Toddler Center?

  • Welcoming children ages 18 months to 24-34 months.
  • Our Toddler Center ratio is 1:6.
  • Bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, etc are still welcome.
  • Specialized instruction in Spanish, Art, Music, and Music/Movement/Gym.
  • Lunches can still be heated up in microwave but not stored in the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerators are still available for milk & cups.
  • Snacks continue to be provided 3 times a day.  Fruits, vegetables, crackers & cheese, and more.
  • Hot lunches are also available. See menu & Sign up at HalseySchools.com/lunch