Our Teaching Approach & Philosophy

Here's why Children Love to Learn & Teachers Love to Teach at Halsey Schools.

Our core philosophies

Children learn and develop by doing

Children learn best through interactive hands-on activities in a structured yet flexible environment.

  • Play is an important part of learning.
  • Passive screen activities (TV, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones…) should be almost non-existent in preschool.
  • A mix of open ended, structured and free-play activities help children develop fully:
    • Art, Manipulatives, Science, Music, Drama/Play/Pretend;
    • Problem Solving, Reading, Phonics, Writing Skills, Worksheets when age appropriate;
    • Movement & Dance, Physical Education, Gross Motor Skills, Outdoor Fun;
    • Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Socialization and getting along with others,  being polite, using good manners, being thankful and empathetic…
  • Children love routines
    • Structured times for snacks, lunch, nap, etc help children feel comfortable by knowing what to expect next.

Children love to do things for themselves and should be age-appropriately encouraged to do so.

  • From rolling over to skipping, hopping and jumping, children need an environment that encourages and fosters their full mind and body for optimal growth and development.
  • Children should be given the opportunity to make their own choices and decisions.

Children learn at their own pace.

  • Teachers and parents should understand that childhood milestones are achieved at different times depending on each individual child’s developmental pace.
  • Children should be encouraged but never pushed too hard or made to feel stressed.

Children learn and expand their minds by asking questions.

  • “Why” is a favorite word of many toddlers and preschoolers and it should be encouraged by:
    • offering short, simple, honest, answers
    • asking “What do you think?”
    • finding out or looking up answers together

Children need to be asked open ended questions. There are many possible answers to questions.

  • Children should always be encouraged to answer with what they think is the best answer.

Discipline should be approached proactively and positively

Discipline is not a punishment

Teachers are so much more than caregivers

We refer to our entire staff as teachers from infants through preschool.

  • Our teachers are much more than caregivers. Yes caregiving is an important part of being a teacher but our teachers are so much more.
    • Our teachers are not simply observers, protectors or facilitators; they are active participants in your child’s daily activities. We never use TVs, Movies…
    • Our teachers are fully educated in Early Childhood Development and are CPR & First Aid Certified.
    • Our teachers love, encourage and bond with your entire family.
    • Our teachers educate and encourage parents and children.
    • Our teachers learn each child’s special needs and quirks.
    • Read more about teachers here.

Preschools should teach Parents & Families too

We believe that educating and helping parents and families is just as important as teaching the children.

  • Parent conferences are provided on request and scheduled twice a year.

Parents involvement at home and at school is important

  • You should read with your children every night.
  • You should limit screen time at home.
    • Children over two years old should spend no more than 1 to 2 hours a day on screen media of any kind. Children under two should not use screen media at all.
  • You should age-appropriately talk to your children about their day asking specific questions like “What was it like when you blew bubbles today?”
  • You are encouraged to be as involved in school activities as much as you would like. When you can, please join us on field trips, monthly events, read a story at pickup or drop off time, signup to be a visitor – play your guitar, tell about your job, bring in your child’s favorite treat…
Our Teaching Approach & Philosophy
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