River Graduated in 2002

River started reading in preschool 

River is now attending his last year of Jr. High. He is a good student and loves, history, science, and anything to do with computers. He is about 5″8″ tall now and still growing. He is an on-line game mega administrator for one of his favorite sites.

I remember a day just prior to River turning five when we discovered that he had learned to read quite well without anyone realizing it. One day while we were walking he had read a sign that read: “Corporate condominiums available, amenities include, microwave…” We of course then promptly took him home and had him read, “Green Eggs and Ham.” We couldn’t wait to share the news with his teacher. I’ll never forget returning the evening to pick him up from class and finding him sharing his new talent with the class as he read them a book. His teacher laughingly told us that now she had time to go through her papers. River was beaming with pride.

My grandson both attended and still talk about Halsey. They loved their time with you. They loved all of their teachers but usually end up talking about Ms Jeri. 

Thank you for everything.

Kathy Summers – River and Darian’s Grandma

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