December 4, 2015

Holiday Family Field Trips in Woodland Hills

The holidays can be a wonderful time of joy, wonder and excitement. Here are some Woodland Hills family field trips your infants, toddlers and preschoolers will love! Candy Cane Lane Holiday Lights in Woodland Hills I’ve been going to Candy Cane Lane since I was an infant. The lights, the sights, the sounds and the […]

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November 17, 2015

Parachute Play – Try it at home

We love parachute play at school. Try it at home too! Parachute Play Encourages cooperation, team work & socialization Strengthens upper torso Is non-competitive & fun Refines perceptual skills Reinforces taking turns Encourages sharing Develops a sense of rhythm Helps children learn to follow directions Promotes social interaction Enhances language development & communication Try these parachute […]

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November 4, 2015

6 kinds of open ended questions you should ask your preschooler

What’s an open-ended question? [quote author_name=”Jenni Rice” author_description=”Director & Owner” author_image=”” size=”small” style=”solid”] Questions that have more than one right answer, or ones than can be answered in many ways, are called open‐ended or divergent questions. This way of asking questions stimulates more language use, acknowledges that there can be many solutions to one problem, affirms children’s […]

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