December 15, 2021

Happy Times January 2022

Themes & Books In January we will learn about careers as Actors, Athletes, Comedians & Musicians. We will read Show Time, Froggy Plays Soccer, Book of Jokes, & Froggy Plays in the Band. It is going to be a fun start to an AWESOME new year! Events Happy Holidays! Office ONLY closed: 12/20-1/6. Ms. Jenni […]

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December 1, 2021

How to make a When I grow up Collage at home

Collages are fun and educational! As you work on the project together lots of conversation and learning points will develop as your child visualizes and thinks about their future. Making a Collage encourages creativity, fine motor skill development, speech, language and sensory skills and best of all special time and memories with Mommy & Daddy. […]

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November 29, 2021

Happy Times December

Themes & Books This month we will learn about Detectives, Truck Drivers, Mechanics, Plumbers and Bank Tellers. We will read Detective Dinosaur Truck Driver Tom, An Auto Mechanic, InvestiGators take the Plunge and The Bank. Events December is all about cultural diversity & sharing family traditions:  We encourage your families to join us in our […]

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