November 24, 2011

What Shall We Give The Children?

What Shall We Give the Children? The Holidays are almost here. Toys and games and playthings, As we do every year? Yes, for the magic of toyland Is part of the Holiday lore To gladden the heart of childhood, But I will give something more. I will give them patience, A more sympathetic ear, A […]

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November 8, 2011

Chickenpox Lollipop? Don’t Even Think About it!

  Chickenpox Lollipop? Don’t Even Think About it! Perhaps you have heard about the Chickenpox lollipop parties. Parents  worried about vaccines host parties for children to catch chickenpox the ‘natural’ way… Eating infected Lollipops or sharing food & drink with other infected children. Parents are strongly urged by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention […]

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October 25, 2011

Halloween Safety for Preschoolers

Halloween is fun for parents and children! Parties, Candy, Dress-up Costumes, Games, Music, Festivals, Carnvals… No wonder children love Halloween! Here are some tips to keep it safe,fun and memorable for you and your preschoolers. Happy Halloween!   FUN ALTERNATIVES & ADDITIONS TO TRADITIONAL TRICK OR TREATING: Halsey Schools: 10/31 9:00-12:00 Halloween Party and at […]

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