July 7, 2011

Structure or Free Play?

Children love to play and they can do it anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it is at home, at daycare, preschool, their Child Development Center or at a romantic dinner with Mommy & Daddy. They learn through play and other hands-on activities. So should children simply have free play all day? Or is a structured environment […]

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July 6, 2011

Corporate Chain or Family Owned & Operated?

Since 1978 Halsey Schools has been family owned & operated. As you start to visit preschools and daycare centers you’ll notice some are owned by large corporate chains and others are owned and operated by local families like yours. Your choice depends on your preference. Corporate franchised childcare can have bureaucracies to deal with. While […]

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April 6, 2011

Time to START! Starting Preschool & Daycare

Any change for a family requires some period of adjustment. Every child and every parent is different and will react in different ways. When starting school or daycare some parents and children are good to go on day one. Others take more time. Sometimes families do great on day 1 & 2 but then have […]

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