April 5, 2011

Keep Communicating

We all know that if a bridge is not structurally sound, it will eventually collapse.  Likewise, if relationships are not built on a sturdy foundation, they too will fail. Sometimes parents and teachers can be intimidated by each other.  But by willingly beginning the home/school relationship with an open, sharing approach, we can build trust.  […]

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Maintain Routines

Children develop best in an environment of order and consistency.  They are happier when they know what to expect.  To a young child, a predictable world is a safe world. By setting up regular, reliable times and procedures for daily events, parents and teachers provide a dependable environment.  Routines also help avoid the power struggles […]

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Read Together Everyday

Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers.  Reading together is one of the earliest shared experiences of parents and children.  When you read a story to a child, you are her reading teacher. Children learn to read by being read to.  Research shows that early and good readers come from homes where reading is […]

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