How to choose the right school

July 15, 2014

Look & Listen – How to select the best school

How to find & pick the best school & child care Choosing the right preschool, daycare, infant care, childcare, pre-kindergarten or school is easy when you know how to look and listen for the right things.   Look for Smiles A quality program is full of smiles. Look for smiles on the children’s faces. Smiles on the […]

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July 8, 2011

Finding the Right Daycare, Childcare or Preschool

Should you choose in-home care, a nanny, a baby sitter, daycare, infant care, childcare, early childhood development, nursery school, preschool? The options seem endless. Finding what is right for you and your family is very rewarding. It doesn’t really matter what type of care they call it. It’s the people and the curriculum that create […]

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July 7, 2011

Structure or Free Play?

Children love to play and they can do it anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it is at home, at daycare, preschool, their Child Development Center or at a romantic dinner with Mommy & Daddy. They learn through play and other hands-on activities. So should children simply have free play all day? Or is a structured environment […]

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