Getting Ready for School

April 6, 2011

Time to START! Starting Preschool & Daycare

Any change for a family requires some period of adjustment. Every child and every parent is different and will react in different ways. When starting school or daycare some parents and children are good to go on day one. Others take more time. Sometimes families do great on day 1 & 2 but then have […]

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April 5, 2011

Keep Communicating

We all know that if a bridge is not structurally sound, it will eventually collapse.  Likewise, if relationships are not built on a sturdy foundation, they too will fail. Sometimes parents and teachers can be intimidated by each other.  But by willingly beginning the home/school relationship with an open, sharing approach, we can build trust.  […]

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Maintain Routines

Children develop best in an environment of order and consistency.  They are happier when they know what to expect.  To a young child, a predictable world is a safe world. By setting up regular, reliable times and procedures for daily events, parents and teachers provide a dependable environment.  Routines also help avoid the power struggles […]

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