Tips & Tools for Parents

April 7, 2016

Seven Ways to Help Your Preschooler Read

Everyone wants their preschooler to reach his/her full potential. Early literacy that leads to reading is one of the most important ways you can help your child achieve now and in the future. You can help reinforce the learning fun your child experiences at Halsey Schools, with these seven easy reading tips. Cuddle up and […]

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January 25, 2016

Rainy Day Places to Take Your Preschooler in Woodland Hills

Active things to do in Woodland Hills on a rainy day with your preschooler. Sure you could watch a movie or play a board game but these places are a lot more fun and they get your body moving! Our preschoolers picked these as some of their favorite field trips. Kid’s Ahoy | 20929 Ventura Blvd […]

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January 15, 2016

Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

With our encouragement and support children can achieve a lot. At birth children have a built-in set of goals; scoot, crawl, roll over, hold self up, walk… It is important to help your child learn to identify goals and work towards achieving them. Working towards goals will help your child understand there are rewards and […]

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