Discolored Runny Nose – What is it? How to avoid & treat it.

Prevent cure and treat childhood illness like pink eyeA runny nose with green or yellow discharge is a sign of a viral infection or a bacterial/sinus infection. Your child may just have a cold or a more serious sinus infection requiring antibiotics.

According to our Illness Policyif your child shows these symptoms, he/she will need care at home away from other children for at least 24 hours after receiving doctor prescribed medication or after receiving a return authorization from a doctor indicating the child is not contagious. It is up to your child’s teachers and directors to decide if a child is ready to come back.  Please call the school before returning to assure your child will not be turned away when you come to school.

If your child will be out for any reason, please call or email us by 10:00 a.m.

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