Documents Posted at our Facilities

Compliance with LIC 311A Postings

A. Facility licenses: 197-407-439 | 197-407-441
B. Personal Rights form (LIC 613A)
C. Snack Menus: Infants – parents provide, Toddlers,  Preschool
D. Child passenger restraint system poster. (PUB 269) & Carseat Awareness 2017
E. Daily activity schedule: Infants, Tiny Tots, Toddlers, Preschool
F. Emergency Disaster Plan (LIC 610) and Earthquake Preparedness Checklist (LIC 9148)
G. Parent’s Rights Poster (PUB 393)
H. Notice of Site Visit (LIC 9213)
I. Any licensing report documenting a type”A” citation must be posted for 30 days
J. Any licensing report or other document verifying compliance or non-compliance with the Department’s order to correct a Type A deficiency must be posted for 30 days

No Lead In Water Results