Face Coverings – Getting Children Comfortable with the Latest Fashion Trend

Wear a face covering to protect others

Our smiles shine right through our masks! We love sharing our smiles! We can see yours too!

Why We Wear Face Covers

We wear face covers to protect others. Face covers help keep droplets from being airborne from people who have no symptoms or signs of illness. Wearing a face covering offers some protection for the wearer and a lot of protection for others we are around.

In addition to face coverings, all teachers and all families self check before leaving for school. And are screened before entry into school. Anyone with a fever >100, any symptoms, signs of illness, not feeling well, any cough, trouble breathing… stays home.

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Getting Children Comfortable Wearing & Seeing Face Coverings

It’s pretty easy to get children comfortable with wearing and seeing face coverings by:

  • wearing one yourself
  • practicing wearing them and taking them off and putting back on appropriately
  • putting one on and look in the mirror
  • reading stories to your child while wearing your face covering
  • talking about wearing them
  • putting a face covering on a favorite stuffed animal
  • drawing one on their favorite character
  • looking at pictures and videos of others wearing them
  • being out and about where others are wearing them
  • talking about germs with 2+ year olds and why we wear a face covering to protect others from our germs
We encourage children 2+ year old to wear a face covering at school. Please teach them at home how to put on and off, wear, and store properly. No children under 2 can wear a mask.  

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Talk to Your Children Over 3 About Germs

Parents should explain that germs are special to our own body and we need to make sure they stay within our body.  Sometimes when people get our germs it can make them sick. Face coverings or masks help keep our germs to ourselves. ‘Isn’t it nice to protect others? It sure makes me feel good!’

Who Should Wear Face Coverings?

Children 2 and older should wear face coverings when they are taught properly at home how to put on, wear and take off and store appropriately.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Face Coverings?

  • Children under 2
  • If the child has difficulty breathing with one on
  • If a child is too fearful to wear one
  • If children spend too much time fussing with the face coverings, touching their faces…

What Kind of Face Covering Do We Need?

  • Just about any cloth face covering will do as long as it covers the nose, mouth and chin and fits securely around the head or ears.
  • Some bandanas, bluffs, spare cloths, makeup masks and other cloth masks will provide some protection in a pinch. But it’s best to use face coverings made specifically for keeping particles to ourselves
  • Disposable masks, gardening masks, painting masks work too
  • N95 respirator masks should not be worn by anyone other than professionals

The Right Way to Wear a Mask

  • Masks should securely cover the nose, mouth and chin and stretch to ears
  • Masks should not be touched when on
  • Masks should be removed from ears or back of head not at the nose or mouth
  • Hands should be washed before and after mask is removed
  • Masks should not be shared or exchanged with anyone unless washed and dried first
  • Masks should be cleaned at least daily. They just need some water and soap by hand or in a washing machine. A hot dryer may be beneficial.
  • Masks should be stored in a sealed plastic bag
  • Everyone should have extra masks ready to go
Face Coverings do not replace the need for social distancing, handwashing, staying home when ill or disinfecting, but they do help us keep others safe. Please wear yours at drop off and pickup times and when out in public. Please encourage your 2+ year old to wear one too.

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