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  • Happy Preschoolers

    Preschoolers love learning in Woodland Hills at Halsey Schools educational day care center.

    Your preschooler will develop a love of learning while working & playing diligently in our Woodland Hills Preschool’s developmentally appropriate, interactive-hands-on Early Childhood Development Center. Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten and beyond with physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills developed through our self confidence building Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

    Do you know what to look & listen for in a great school? Read this check list to find out.

    Author's imageJenni RiceDirector & Owner
  • We love teaching children! That’s why were here! We’re smiling, laughing, playing and exploring right along with our preschoolers everyday. Your child will be ready for Kindergarten and will have a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. And we don’t just teach the children.  The teachers and I are always available to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your family. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our Halsey Schools family.

    Author's imageMs. Jenni, Jenni RiceDirector & Owner
    • Family Owned & Operated Since 1978
    • Extended Hours Monday-Friday 6:30-6:30, many scheduling options
    • Ages 2 to 6 years old
    • Diapers welcome: we help potty train & change diapers
    • Immunizations Required: 100% of children and teachers are immunized
    • Strictly Enforced Illness PolicyAll families & teachers self-check at home and are checked before entry for any signs of illness.   Any illness stays home. Temperatures are checked. Anything >100° stays home.
    • Low Child/Teacher Ratios:  Preschool: 10-12 children per teacher
    • Happy, Loving, Caring, Educated Teachers
    • Early Childhood Development Pre-Kindergarten Hands-On Curriculum: So much more than Daycare and Childcare
    • Interactive, socialized activities: Screen free environment
    • Nutritious Daily Snacks
    • Nutritious Hot Lunches or bring your own
    • Affordable Tuition Rates
    • Daily Written & Verbal Communication with parents
    • Many Parent Involvement Opportunities 

Daily Schedule

  • Structure & Free Time Will Boost Your Child’s Learning Ability!

    Time Activity
    6:30 Arrival, breakfast, centers
    8:30 Story Time
    9:00 Bathroom
    9:10 Snack
    9:30 Circle Time
    9:45 Table Work Time
    10:00 Story Time
    10:15 Outdoor Play
    11:00 Learning centers
    11:45 Music & Movement
    12:00 Bathroom
    12:10 Lunch
    12:45 Bathroom
    1:00 Nap
    3:00 Bathroom
    3:10 Snack
    3:30 Outdoor or Indoor Play
    4:15 Outdoor or Indoor Play
    5:00 Bathroom
    5:10 Snack
    5:30 Story Time
    5:45 Table Toys
    6:30 Goodbye
  • We encourage your child to explore, learn & master age appropriate skills

    When your child learns or acquires a new skill we will encourage its development. Children are not expected to meet any specific educational goals at a specific age or time. Instead we will encourage your child to develop at his/her own pace in a Preschool environment that stimulates the seeking of knowledge, asking of questions and exploration.

    Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten & beyond

    • Your 2-3 year old: At this age your child will become more active, verbal and independent with a strong desire to do things for himself.  We encourage appropriate development for your two year old with lots of hands-on opportunities to explore inside and outside while developing physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Learn more about our Pandas.
    • Your 3-4 year old: At this age your child’s imagination really begins to blossom. We’ll stimulate your three year old’s imagination with daily reading, dramatic play centers, table toys and lots of open ended hands-on experiences. We also take monthly field trips. Three year olds LOVE trips & excursions. Learn more about our Penguins & Dragonflies.
    • Your 4-5 year old: At this age your child becomes very social, interested in group play with friends and asks lots of how? and why? questions. We support this socialization with many cooperative group activities and always encourage questions. Circle time, writing skills, pre-reading, math skills, and daily journals become more important as we prepare for Kindergarten. Learn more about our Busy Bees.

Tuition Rates

Preschool Tuition

Ages 2-6 years old. Low ratios at 10-12 children per teacher.
Schedule 2 days/wk  3 days/wk 5 days/wk
06:30-12:30 $638 / month $871 / month $1322 / month
06:30-03:00 $731 / month $998 / month $1408 / month
06:30-06:30 $820 / month $1145 / month $1555 / month

Hot Lunches

Bring your own or sign-up for our tasty hot lunches
1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
$30/month $60/month $85/month $110/month $135/month


Clean, Bright, Happy, Safe & Secure Facilities for your preschooler


Your Preschooler will love these

Woodland Hills Highlights


Learning Is Fun!

Our curriculum is hands-on, inspiring, fun, exploratory and awesome! It incorporates methods, techniques and procedures approved and recommended by:

  • The National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • The Child Development Associate
  • The Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition
  • The California Department Of Social Services

Based on this curriculum, our teachers design their own lesson plans geared toward the specific needs of each age group.

  • The lesson plans are designed to give your children the opportunity to experience successes helping them grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.
  • We will help your child develop his/her own sense of self confidence and help emphasize unique strengths and abilities.
  • Your child will learn at his/her own pace in an environment of acceptance and understanding.

Developmentally Age Appropriate Activities

get your child ready for Kindergarten & inspires a love of learning that lasts a lifetime!

  • Weekly Themes: Where I live, When I Grow Up I Want To Be, Celebrations around the World, etc.

    Reading-Readines: Colors, shapes, letters, sequencing stories, sight words…

    Math-Readiness:   Counting, sorting, sequencing, matching…

    Our low ratios provide a balance of consistent personal interaction between teachers and students, and group socialization.

    Writing Skills: Tracing & writing name, tracing & writing letters & numbers, journal entries…

    Phonics: Dog starts  with a…?  A is for apple. A sounds like… How does this letter sound?…

    Language Arts:  Over/under, big/small, sequencing stories, matching, Shapes…

    Character Development: Respect, leadership, empathy, responsibility, caring, ethics, empathy, emotions, polite manners…

    Weekly Science & Cooking Projects: Planting seeds, contrasting, exploring, discovering new animals etc. Mixing, tasting, measuring…

  • Organized Outdoor Activities: Easel painting, Duck Duck Goose, Parachute Fun…

    Circle Time: Calendar, seasons, weather, reading, sharing…

    Specialized Instruction: Spanish, Art & Music, Improvisation/Drama

    P.E. & Gym: Large Motor and Small Motor Skills, games, strategy …

    Our goal is for our children to make friends, love school and develop positive self esteem.

    Free Play Centers: dress-up, kitchen, blocks, games, puzzles, puppets, rice/sand/water tables…

    Dance, Gymnastics, Keyboard Lessons, Soccer, Karate 

    Positive Phrase of the Week: Each week we emphasize a different phrase “You are terrific!”

  • Adopted Grand Parents:“Generations of smiles” We regularly visit the residents at the Woodland Retirement Center.  And they visit us for special reading days and lots of other fun activities.

    You will notice Halsey teachers are not simply observers or facilitators, but active participants in the children’s daily activities.

    Parent Volunteers: You are encouraged to volunteer  in your child’s classroom whenever you would like to. Some parents stop in and read a book at pickup time.  Others participate in special parties, get togethers or field trips.  Others volunteer on a regular basis to assist the teachers in the class. You can be as involved as you would like to be.

    On Campus Field TripsWe regularly schedule on campus; puppy parties, pony rides, insect zoos, petting zoos, clown visits, police officers, fire fighters, reptile zoos, moon bounce and more.

    Field Trips: Optional Field trips are offered regularly: Pumpkin Patch, Zoos, Fire Station, Indoor Playgrounds, Tours etc.

Lunch Menu

Yummy Nutritious Lunches

All Natural & Organic Hand- Crafted Locally Sourced Fresh & Healthy Lunches for Toddlers-Preschool.

Bring your own or sign-up for these tasty options

Sample Menu here!

Current menu and sign up here.

Enrichment Classes

  • Soccer shots classes in Woodland Hills

    Soccer Shots

    Soccer Shots youth soccer development (only $150 per 10 week session)  offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Preschool children ages 2-6 will enjoy the innovative curriculum emphasizing both soccer skills and character development. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve. […]

  • Karate at Halsey Schools ROCKS!

    Little Ninjas Karate

    Little Ninjas Karate (only $69/month) meets at Halsey Schools preschool for children ages 3-6 years old. Classes are filled with exciting, hi-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills. Classes start simple and gradually become more challenging based on each child’s individual pace and readiness for new material. All lessons are based […]

  • Keyboard lessons are fun at Halsey Schools

    Keyboard Lessons

    Mr. Jerry’s Keyboard Lessons (only $11 per lesson) are available to children ages 3.5 to 6 years old and take place at our Preschool. Your child  will learn to read music, play familiar songs on the keyboard and enjoy singing and movement with other children in a small group setting. The class meets every Friday, […]

  • Music Movement Dance Gym at Halsey Schools

    Star Dreams Dance

    STARDREAMS School of Dance (only $54/month) will teach your child the fun of dance and movement at Halsey Schools. Children ages 18 months – 6 years old learn body awareness, control, timing, coordination and the language of movement through a variety of dance, music, mime, and gymnastic activities. Through self expression, control, timing, coordination and concentration […]

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