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  • Happy Toddlers

    Happy Toddlers in Woodland Hills Preschool and Infant Care

    Your Toddler  will feel comfortable and secure; loved and nurtured; happy and content. Your child will experience successes that encourage physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. As your child develops his/her own sense of self confidence he/she will begin to identify and understand his/her unique strengths and abilities as he/she transitions to preschool.

    Do you know what to look & listen for in a great school? Read this check list to find out.

    Author's imageJenni RiceDirector & Owner
  • You’ll love our Toddler Program! It’s fun, active, educational, safe and full of happy laughing children. Your child will love our daily singing, dancing and hands-on activities. When  you join Halsey Schools’ Toddler Center you’ll become a part of our family and we’ll become a part of yours.  We are always ready to help you and your family in any way we can. I hope to meet with you soon. 🙂

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    • Family Owned & Operated Since 1978
    • Extended Hours Monday-Friday 6:30-6:30, many scheduling options
    • Ages 18-20 months to 2.2 years old
    • Low Child/Teacher Ratios:  Toddlers: 4-6 children per teacher
    • Happy, Loving, Caring, Educated Teachers
    • Early Childhood Development Hands-On Curriculum: So much more than Daycare and Childcare
    • Interactive, socialized activities: Screen free environment
    • Binkies & Blankets Welcome
    • Immunizations Required: 100% of children and teachers are immunized
    • Strictly Enforced Illness PolicyAll families & teachers self-check at home and are checked before entry for any signs of illness.  Any illness stays home. Temperatures are checked. Anything >100° stays home.
    • Nutritious Daily Snacks
    • Nutritious Hot Lunches or bring your own
    • Affordable Tuition Rates
    • Daily Written & Verbal Communication with parents
    • Many Parent Involvement Opportunities 


Structure & Free Time

Will Boost Your Child’s Learning Ability!

  • At Halsey Schools’ Woodland Hills Toddler Center we follow a flexible schedule that  introduces children to a more structured age-appropriate schedule. Click an activity to learn more.

    Time Activity
    6:30 Arrival, Breakfast, Open Play In Centers.
    8:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands
    8:45 Clean Up Time and Circle Time
    9:30 Hand Washing and Snack Time
    10:00 Outside Play and Motor Skills
    10:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Open Play In Centers
    10:45 Arts & Crafts and Outside Activities
    11:15 Clean Up Time, Wash Hands
    11:30 Lunchtime
    12:30 Diaper Change and Wash Hands, Nap/Rest Time
    3:00 Diaper Change, Circle Time, Wash Hands, Snack Time
    4:00 Outdoor Play, Art and/or Group Activities and Free Play
    5:00 Diaper Changes, Wash Hands, and Snack Time
    5:30 Self-Expressive Art, Center Play, Outdoor Play
    6:30 Goodbye

  • We encourage your child to explore, learn & master age appropriate skills

    • 18 months to 24 months: At this age your child begins to walk, slide, tumble, climb up, over and into things. Your child will be very busy collecting, filling and dumping things. Small muscle skills begin to develop as your child begins to explore; taking apart, staking, setting up and knocking down. As your child begins to understand words and directions, we stimulate development by providing a variety of opportunities to learn about choice and responsibility.
    • Your 2-3 year old: At this age your child will become more active, verbal and independent with a strong desire to do things for himself.  We encourage appropriate development for your two year old with lots of hands-on opportunities to explore inside and outside while developing physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Your child will most likely be promoted into our preschool program at around 24-26 months old. Learn more about our Happy Preschoolers.

Tuition Rates

Toddler Center Tuition

Ages 18-20 months – 2.2 years old. Low ratios at 4-6 children per teacher.
Schedule 2 days/wk  3 days/wk 5 days/wk
06:30-12:30 $820 / month $1119 / month $1699/ month
06:30-03:00 $940/ month $1283 / month $1810/ month
06:30-06:30 $1054/ month $1472 / month $1999/ month

Hot Lunches

Bring your own or sign-up for our tasty hot lunches
1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
$30/month $60/month $85/month $110/month $135/month


Clean, Bright, Happy, Safe & Secure Facilities for your child

Lunch Menu

Yummy Nutritious Lunches

All Natural & Organic Hand- Crafted Locally Sourced Fresh & Healthy Lunches for Toddlers-Preschool.

Bring your own or sign-up for these tasty options

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