Happy Infants
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Lots of holding & cuddling for our infants ages 6 weeks to walking

  • Extended Hours Monday-Friday 6:30-6:30, 1-5 days a week
  • Ages 6 Weeks to mobile. When mobile infants are promoted to the Tiny Tots. 
  • Low Child/Teacher Ratios: 3-4 children per teacher
  • Loving-Caring-Nurturing, Educated-Knowledgeable Teachers
  • Infant Sign Language
  • Breastfeeding Welcome: Drop in anytime
  • Bottle Feeding with Breast Milk or Formula
  • Immunizations Required: 100% of children and teachers are immunized
  • Strictly Enforced Illness Policy: All families & teachers self-check at home and are checked before entry for any signs of illness. Any illness stays home. Temperatures are checked. Anything >100° stays home.
  • Daily Written & Verbal Communication with parents
  • Currently Enrolled Parents Welcome Anytime
  • Many Parent Involvement Opportunities

Loving, Caring Infant Teachers

Ms Kaylee
Ms. Kaylee

I LOVE the ah-ha moments. Seeing the amazement & realization on children’s faces when blue...

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Ms Shaira provides loving daycare in Warner Center
Ms. Shaira

I am fascinated by how children grow and develop throughout childhood. I love working with...

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