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Safe, Consistent, Responsible

I feel safe and confident with how careful, consistent, and responsible Halsey is being under these circumstances. And then additionally, you are all awesome as always!!

Impressive Safety Measures

I am so impressed with the safety measures put in place to re-open. Also, it’s been such a joy to see the positive and caring attitudes continue from the Halsey staff during sub-optimal conditions. I could not be happier with how everything has been handled.

Peace of mind

The Halsey teachers and staff have done a wonderful job with reopening the school with the new safety protocols in place. It gives us a peace of mind that our daughter is in great hands at school during these unprecedented times. Thank you Halsey staff!

Leticia 2.0

By coincidence I had a different Ms. Leticia in preschool! Ms. Leticia at Halsey is kind, loving, and so very calm with these kiddos… A vast improvement from the cheek-squeezing boot sergeant teacher I had as a kid. Thanks for taking such great care of our babes!

byEkang onHalsey Schools
Son has opened up more

MS. Vanessa really listens when you bring up a concern or problem. I have seen her take my concerns w a thoughtful outlook and she truly tries to implement positive changes in an encouraging manner. I feel my son has slowly opened up w her and he said he likes her and Halsey. She’s also been great with being available any time I have questions about my son’s progress.. I’m happy w Ms. Vanessa and hope she stays w my son’s class!

byDavid and aaron Orencyr onHalsey Schools

Our son loves to go to “school.” They make learning fun. He speaks fondly of his teacher Ms.Vanessa . Even at three, I still receive daily reports, which tell me how hr eats, sleeps and plays. That really helps me understand some of the activities he had in school and how much he ate or how well he napped . We are thankful he has such good caring staff and teachers . We highly recommend Helsey schools .

byDavid and aaron Orencyr onHalsey Schools
Our son loves to go to school!

Our son loves to go to school. They make learning fun. He speaks fondly of his teacher Ms.Vanessa. Even at three, I still receive daily reports, which tell me how he eats, sleeps and plays. That really helps me understand some of the activities he had in school and how much he ate or how well he napped. We are thankful he has such good caring staff and teachers. We highly recommend Halsey Schools.

byJanessa onHalsey Schools
We LOVE Halsey!

We LOVE Halsey! Thank you for all that you do. It is wonderful being able to see a business owner, Ms. Jenni, that cares so much for the children at the school.

byDebbie & Bennett onHalsey Schools
So caring & welcoming

Ms. Jenni has been so caring and welcoming. She always knows what to do.

byShimona onHalsey Schools
Such a nice teacher

When my daughter was small, Ms. Elenita took such good care of her. I was blessed to have found such a nice teacher for my daughter.

Thanks Shimona. We’re glad you found us and Ms. Elenita!

byRobert Rice onHalsey Schools
Jenni’s Smile is contagious

She is always smiling and her smile says so much about her and how she feels about children and helping others. No matter how you feel you alway smile back at her. Children light up when they see her. Parents and teachers look to her for guidance, help and advice. She runs a terrific program and makes sure everyone is happy.

byNancy DeLuca onHalsey Schools
Ray of Sunshine

I could not have hand picked a better person to watch over our daughter. Every morning at drop off you create a loving, safe, happy and fun environment. Many times at surprise visits I have witnessed hugs, kisses, and learning sessions that I so appreciate. Her Direction of the Infant Center is spot on, and our daughter has benefited greatly from it. I so appreciate her and the ray of sunshine she provides every day.

She is a ray of sunshine! Thank you so much for your kind words.

byGiti Doustkam onHalsey Schools
Amazing Teacher

Ms. Jeri is an amazing teacher and a very kind hearted woman. She has always been so great to my daughther Kayla. She is very patient and calm which creates a great learning enviornment for the kids in her class. Thank you Ms. Jeri and we enjoy having Kayla in your class.

We agree she is amazing!

byKimberly Todd onHalsey Schools
Ms. Ana you rock

What can I say. We love Ms. Ana. She is always in a good mood and so much fun to be around. Our daughter adores her and we do as well. Thank you so much for always being so kind and helpful to all of us. You truly are a gem.

We agree she is a gem! Thanks for your encouragement.

byKimberly Todd onHalsey Schools
Thank You Ms. Elenita

My family will always be so thankful to you for taking such good care of our daughter. Every time we saw you we were welcomed with a smile and just the pure happiness you exude. Now that our girl is in another class we have really missed you. Please know that what you for the children you care for is so important. You are amazing at what you do and that’s why all those kids adore you. I wish we could thank you more.

Pure Happiness! What great way to describe Ms. Elenita! Thank you so much!

byzenaida pangilinan onHalsey Schools
E-lenita: E for Excellent

I am a Grandma for one of the infant students @ Hasley. Oftentimes we get to pick up our Grandson especially when his Mother is out of town on a business trip. I find Elenita to be an excellent professional on what she does. Her excellent way of anticipating what the baby needs for early development is not only an asset to the school but also it gave us comfort feelings of satisfaction. She not only is the school Director in the Infant Center but she does her job on a hands-on basis because she continually interacts with all the babies in school. We love her so much!

So glad to here from a grandma! Thank you so much for letting us know how much you appreciate Ms. Elenita. We think is an outstanding director and teacher too!

byGloria Corral onHalsey Schools

Ms. Jeri

It is a pleasure to know that you are still there. My daughter, Suzi, attended Halsey school from the age of 2 years until she graduated from Kindergarten. Suzi is now a Sophomore at Louisville High School in Woodland Hills. How time flies! Oodles of luck to you.

That is great! Louisville is a very good school. We are so proud of Suzi! Time sure flies.

byJody Wood onHalsey Schools
Kind & Loving

Ms. Jeri is a joy to have as my daughters teacher. She is very kind and loving and my daughter just adores her!

Thank you! We love Ms. Jeri too! It is so fun when adults come back to visit Ms. Jeri their preschool teacher 30 years ago! WOW!

byBrigitta Kyber onHalsey Schools
Wonderful caring teacher

Ms. Elenita is a wonderful teacher. She is very caring to all of the infants and my son just loves her. He always has a smile whenever he sees her in the morning.

Her smile is contagious. We are so pleased to hear how much you like her. Thank you.

byMelanie Justice onHalsey Schools
A fun spirit and sense of humor

Ms. Elenita has such a fun spirit and great sense of humor. She brings organization and structure to the Infant Center and always seems to have everything under control. We feel very fortunate to be able to put our daughter’s care in the hands of someone we trust so much. The children love her and feel comfortable around her, which speaks louder than any words could describe.

She sure is funny! She brightens all our days. So happy you get to enjoy her funny side too.

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