Harry Halsey potato

How to make a potato friend

Ms. Jeri and the Dragonflies made a new friend, Harry Halsey. You can make your own friend at home and name him anything you want. Here’s how to do it.

You Need: Potatoes, Markers, Cotton, Grass Seeds, Water

Potatoes, Markers, Cotton, Seeds...

Make your Potato Head

  1. Hallow out the potato – cut off the top and hallow out an inch or two of potato
  2. Draw your favorite face on the potato
  3. Place potato in a plastic cup to keep it standing upright
  4. Stuff potato with cotton and sprinkle seeds on the cotton
  5. Saturate the cotton & seeds with water


Soak Cotton with water

Your potato needs seeds to grow hair

Set it by a window and keep it wet. Before you know it your potato will have hair!

What’s your new friends name?

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