Collages are fun and educational! As you work on the project together lots of conversation and learning points will develop as your child visualizes and thinks about their future. Making a Collage encourages creativity, fine motor skill development, speech, language and sensory skills and best of all special time and memories with Mommy & Daddy.

How to make the collage

You need

  • Paper, cardboard or cardstock
  • magazines, newspapers, stickers, mailers, flyers etc.
  • child scissors (or just rip out pictures)
  • glue stick

Start making the collage

  • On your paper, cardboard or cardstock write When I grow up I want to work as a _______________________.
  • Talk about what your child wants to work as when he/she growns up and help write the choice or choices on the line.
  • Help your child search through your magazines etc and find pictures that show the future career choice or choices. You can also fine images, clipart etc online to print.
  • Paste the pictures on the paper/cardboard and let dry
  • Hang it up and admire it. 🙂

As you work on the project remember to introduce new words and ideas. Let your child take the lead and have fun!

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